Introducing Crosswind V (Vertical Discharge)

Sleek, modern design that will look great in any backyard. Thoughtfully designed with a smaller footprint and lighter weight ensuring a seamless and hassle-free setup. Crosswind V fits on standard equipment pads and industry standard 2ʺ water connections, conveniently accessible through the front panel for enhanced serviceability.  

Ease of Installation

The small footprint and lightweight design reduces install time and saves on unnecessary labor costs to the homeowner.

Best-In-Class Serviceability

The control junction box (J-box) can be easily and quickly removed with 4 screws, making it easy to service and clean.

Raymote Connectivity

Raymote Mobile App allows you on-the-go control of your pool temperature and more.


Crosswind V Deluxe models also include Cool Mode, which allows homeowners to maintain a steady water temperature, even on hot days.

We are the heat pump technology experts.

Raypak & Rheem supply 400% more Heat Pumps than the rest of the U.S. Pool Market.

Based on avg of 2020-21 pool industry (PHTA) data.

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