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2019 Commercial Training Program

We are excited to announce our newly expanded Raypak Commercial Technical Training program for 2019! The curriculum for 2019 will have an expanded number of courses along with an increased number of seats per class.

The Commercial Technical Training will take place in our state of the art Rheem Innovation Learning Center (ILC). These cross-functional training centers are designed to offer the next level of continuing education with hands-on technical labs, interactive classroom environments and new courses offered throughout the year.
Innovation Learning Center

The ILC at Raypak has a lecture area capable of supporting classes from as few as 10 to as many as 40 people. The classes will range from very basic product to the most advanced controls integration systems. The lecture room features state of the art audio and visual capabilities as well as a range a creature comforts to enhance the training experience.

Comfortable and well-appointed lecture training area
Interactive product display area
Live demo hands-on product demonstration room
Customer lounge and break area with outdoor patio
ILC images


2019 Training Schedule

2019 Training Schedule

Dates Course
July 9 XVers
July 10 MVB & XTherm
July 23 & 24 MVB & XTherm
July 25 Advanced VERSA IC
September 17 & 18 Boiler Basics/Raytherm
September 19 & 20 Hi Delta
October 8 & 9 MVB & XTherm
October 10 & 11 XFyre
October 15 & 16 Boiler Basics/Raytherm
October 17 & 18 XVers
November 5 & 6 Hi Delta
November 7 Advanced VERSA IC

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