Raypak’s Advanced Heat Exchanger Technology

Why have less nickel when you can have more? NiTek has 900% more nickel compared to cupronickel in critical surfaces. 1


NiTek reduces more than 50% scale formation.2


NiTek produces up to 2% more thermal efficiency than cupronickel, and the same thermal efficiency as copper.3


NiTek is 300% more erosion resistant than copper, and 200% more than cupronickel.4


1. Based on material composition information from Raypak Series XXII Cu-Ni product, AVIA HD (Ni-coated) greater than 90% vs 10%.

2. Hardwater : CaCO3 content of 386 PPM has been used as the criteria for hardwater.

Based on hardwater scale testing (CaCO3 content of 386 PPM).

Based on lab reliability data.

3. Based on the thermal efficiency testing collected with AVIA Ni-coated samples vs Raypak series XXII CU-Ni.

4. Based on ASTM G73-10 (2017) - material durability (liquid impingement erosion test).

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