Quiet Technology™ Heat Pumps, R5350ti-E-QT, R6350ti-E-QT, R8350-E-QT

Raypak is proud to introduce our newest heat pump product line, the Quiet Technology™ series, with reduced noise levels down to 59dB.

Quiet Technology™ Heat Pumps, R5350ti-E-QT, R6350ti-E-QT, R8350-E-QT



Model Number
Performance per AHRI 1160, at 80F air, 63% RH, 80F water Performance per AHRI 1160, at 80F air, 80% RH, 80F water
Heat Output in BTUH
C.o.P Input kW
Heat Output in BTUH
C.o.P Input kW
RS5350ti-E-QT 92,000 6.0 4.3 95,000 6.2 4.3
RS6350ti-E-QT 113,000 6.0 5.5 117,000 6.2 5.5
125,000 5.2 7.0 133,000 5.5 7.0



  • Stainless Steel

Evaporator Coils

Large Air Coils

Raised lanced-fin design maximizes heating at lower temperatures. Raypak engineered coils are highly optimized to meet our specific design requirements. From the proper fins per inch to advanced distribution circuiting. We are the only heat pump pool heater company to actually manufacture our own coils.

Venturi Fan Cowling

High-capacity 3000-cfm 825 RPM fan provides unrestricted air flow for better heating. Precision engineered and manufactured cabinet design eliminates unwanted air gaps. This means more air over the coil which translates to greater efficiency

Scroll Compressor with Cover

Scroll compressors are quiet and efficient compared to piston-type compressors. They provide higher efficiency, lower sound levels, superior durability and unsurpassed reliability, with an added cover to further reduce noise. The unique design of a scroll compressor actually wears in over time, not out!

Sound-Absorbing ABS Base
Heat Exchanger
Spiral Titanium Tube

Our spiral titanium-tube heat exchanger provides a corrosion-free waterway that can withstand the abuses of harsh pool chemistry. The spiral tube helps reduce deposit build-up and increases efficiency by performing a “scoop-and-lift” action.

Internal Bypass Valving

Automatically compensates for normal day-to-day changes in your pool’s hydraulics, maximizing heat transfer efficiency.

Plumbing Connections

Offset 2” PVC union connections are included for ease of installation.

Controls - Digital
Pool/Spa Control

Your digital heat pump pool heater can be set to have a different target temperature for your pool and your spa. This allows you to dial in just the right spa temperatures and never have to adjust it again. The pool can be set to a lower, more energy saving temperature.

Remote Compatible

The digital heat pump pool heater can be easily controlled by most two-wire and three-wire remote systems.

On Board Diagnostics

Tells the homeowner if there is a problem. Provides the service technician with detailed diagnostic information.