Hi Delta® Pool Heaters, 992B-2342B

The Hi Delta® line of fan-assisted combustion units offer solid performance and flexible controls with easy-to-understand diagnostics.

 Model Number
Full Input in BTUH
Indoor Stack Dia.
Bypass Options
H-Style Bypass  None (Field-Supplied)  CWR
 P-992B 990,000 10" STD Yes Yes
 P-1262B 1,260,000 12" STD Yes Yes
 P-1532B 1,530,000 12" STD Yes Yes
 P-1802B 1,802,000 14" STD Yes Yes
 P-2002B 1,999,000 14" STD
Yes Yes
 P-2072B 2,070,000 14" STD
Yes Yes
 P-2342B 2,340,000 16"
STD Yes Yes

  • All models Indoor/Outdoor certified.
  • Certified to ANSI Z21.56.
  • Vertical vented as category I, sidewall vented as category III.
  • Efficiency: 85%.
  • Patented burner “security blanket” enhances staged combustion, minimizes installation/start-up issues, and protects burners from metal fatigue.
  • Cupro-nickel finned-tube heat exchanger with brass headers; AB 1953 low-lead compliant.
  • Sidewall venting capable. No extractor needed for most applications.  An extra part is needed for horizontal venting.
  • Ducted combustion air ready. TruSeal® CSA-Certified direct-vent available.
  • Status display and on-board diagnostic center, English, no codes.
  • Models 992B-2002B certified to SCAQMD Rule 1146.2.  Meets all low NOx regulations.
  • All models except 2002B available in natural gas and propane.  Model 2002B available for natural gas only.
Bypass Options:
  • The standard external bypass uses an external bypass to achieve cold-water protection.
  • All units available without an external bypass; cold-water protection provided in the field.
  • The Cold Water Run (CWR) option provides electronic control of a variable-speed pump to continuously adjust bypass flow, achieving real-time cold-water protection.