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A global leader

Our extensive history in the manufacturing industry is a testament to our commitment to technological advancements. For years, we’ve been dedicated to delivering top-tier commercial and pool & spa equipment, always striving to provide unmatched value for our customers. With over 14 patents across various categories, we consistently push the boundaries of innovation to shape the future of this industry.

Features & Technology

With a combination of continuous, instant reading of water flow, and our patented controls algorithm on our new commercial boilers and water heaters we can detect water flow challenges in the field and take proper actions to protect the unit as well as prevent unnecessary downtime for the customers. This innovation will help improve uptime and create less risk on major repairs that are commonly caused by low water flows or water fluctuations.

NiTek Heat Exchanger Technology is Raypak’s latest solution to superior strength and maximum efficiency when it comes to residential pool heating. With 900% more nickel compared to cupronickel in critical surfaces1, NiTek creates an ideal surface to protect against scale formation and erosion resistance, without compromising on AVIA’s 84% thermal efficiency.

Superior Strength, Maximum Efficiency

*Exclusively On AVIA Pool and Spa Heaters*

ProTek Shield is a cutting-edge module that protects the heat exchanger from corrosion, prolonging the life of the AVIA and Digital Gas Pool and Spa Heater.

  • Excellent for use in chlorinated and saltwater pools
  • Engineered to take the brunt of the corrosion that naturally occurs over time (erosion of the ProTek Shield means it’s working!)
  • Utilizes breakthrough patent pending technology
  • Compact design
  • Easy to replace, saving you time and money

HO2T Track continuously monitors the oxygen concentrations in boiler flue gas to indicate when manual adjustments are needed to the air-to-fuel ratio for optimum combustion.

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Remotely monitor, troubleshoot, diagnose, and control your systems with instant access to vital information.

  • Remotely adjust heater settings
  • Visibility to real-time vital information
  • Preventative maintenance reminders
  • Instant service alerts
  • View and manage systems at multiple sites

A proprietary cloud-based sales and order management system designed to streamline hot water and hydronic project management.

  • Product Selection
  • Documentation Support
  • Quotation and Submittal Support
  • Order Entry
  • Production
  • Shipping
  • Parts Management

Did You Know?

This video series highlights a pain point or an opportunity in the market and shares how we address them through our products and services.