XTherm® Condensing Pool Heaters, 1005-2005

Raypak's XTherm product packs everything you need into one cabinet -- a vertical heat exchanger, ultra-high efficiency (up to 97%), cold water protection, modulating performance, easy-to-understand diagnostics, low emissions, even a built-in controller.  The result is a pool heater that is practically plug-and-play.


Model Number
Full Input BTUH
Indoor Stack Dia.
 P-1005  999,000  6"
 P-1505  1,500,000  8"
 P-2005  1,999,000  8"


  • Cupro-nickel finned-tube heat exchanger with brass headers; AB 1953 low-lead compliant.
  • 97% thermal efficiency.
  • Certified to ANSI Z21.56.
  • Positive-pressure condensing appliance, venting category IV.
  • Minimum continuous inlet water temperature 50°F.
  • Modulating gas valve and burner, up to 4:1 turndown.
  • Small footprint, less than 11 square feet.
  • Built-in controller; no need for a separate controller for single-unit installations.
  • On-board diagnostic center, real English, no codes.
  • All models indoor/outdoor certified.
  • Complete cabinet protects all controls and wiring.
  • Certified to SCAQMD rule 1146.2.  Meets all Low NOx regulations.
  • Suitable for altitudes up to 10,000 ft. (derate above 5,000 ft.).
  • Requires primary/secondary plumbing.  Flow provided by internal pump.

Service Videos:
XTherm® Basic Startup Video (EN)
• XTherm® Vídeo Arranque Básico (SP)