As a member of the Rheem® family of brands, Raypak® is a big part of Rheem Manufacturing’s commitment to taking a greater degree of responsibility for future generations. Visit our sustainability page on to learn more about how we’re doing good by our customers, our people, our, partners—and our planet.

Raypak has been at the forefront of environmental efficiency and sustainability for over 70 years, leading the evolution of hot water as a top manufacturer of energy efficient boilers, water heaters and pool heaters. At Raypak, we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability throughout our company and our value chain, from innovative, sustainable product development to our proactive and responsible manufacturing processes that reduce environmental impact.

Good by the Numbers

2019 waste diversion rate of 83% was saving approximately:



Landfill Space

230 cubic yards

Gallons of Oil


2025, our waste diversion goal is 97% which will save approximately:



Landfill Space

584 cubic yards

Gallons of Oil


Control energy efficiency and performance

Raymote™, Raypak’s online product/client management platform, allows customers to remotely monitor their boilers, water or pool heaters from anywhere and reduce downtime! Touch-of-a-button access to vital information aids in:

Energy Conservation

Keeps products running at peak efficiency with real-time service notifications, preventative maintenance reminders and easy-to-understand “service needed” notifications

Efficient Serviceability

Instant visibility to product historical data and performance reports allows for quick, accurate identification of issues and aids in providing customers with optimal service recommendations

Cost Savings and Convenience

With the automation feature, customers can choose the most cost-effective and convenient time of day to operate their products

Designing for zero waste

Degrees of Innovation

We are focused on innovating with intent, engineering solutions with lifetime sustainability in mind—from material selection to smart features to responsible recycling.

Our 2025 goal: Launch a line of heating, cooling and water heating products that boast a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas footprint.

Degrees of Efficiency

We strive for operational excellence, working smarter and more sustainably to consume fewer resources, generate less waste and ensure simpler, safer processes.

Our 2025 goal: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% and achieve zero waste to landfill in our global manufacturing operations.

Degrees of Leadership

We hire and inspire our teams to be next-generation thinkers and responsible stewards of our industry, the greater community and the environment.

Our 2025 goal: Rheem will train 250,000 plumbers, contractors and key influencers on sustainable products or sustainable installation and recycling best practices.

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