XPakFT® Hydronic Boilers, 0088AR - 398A

Raypak is pleased to offer a wall mount, modulating, fire-tube heating boiler for commercial and residential. All models of XPakFT® operate with extremely low NOx emissions, turndown of up to 10:1 and when mounted over the wall have virtually no installed footprint providing all the flexibility you’ve come to expect from Raypak.

 Model Number
Full Input in BTUH
Vent Dia.
 88AR  85,000 3"
108AR  110,000  3"
 198AR  199,000  3"
 278AR  275,000  3"
 398A  399,000 4"


  •  95% AFUE (96% TE - 398A).
  •   All stainless steel construction.
  •  ASME-certified firetube heat exchanger with National Board approval.
  • VERSA IC® operating control with LCD display and outdoor reset function, capable of controlling up 4 boilers. 
  •   Available for natural gas or propane.
  • Meets SCAQMD rule 1146.2 for 2012.
  • Indoor construction only.
  • Direct vent capable.
  •  Acceptable cat IV vent materials:  PVC/CPVC, stainless steel, Duravent® polypropylene.
  •  Compatible with Building Management Systems using 0-10VDC input or Modbus RTU.
  •  Optional Z-12 Condensate Neutralizer kit treats acidic condensate onsite.
  • BACnet or LonWorks interfaces available with optional external controller.

Energy Star