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Help Us Build the Future

At Raypak, we place great emphasis on the power of teamwork and a vibrant culture. We firmly believe that by working collaboratively and fostering an inclusive and diverse environment, we can achieve extraordinary things. We value each team member’s unique skills, experiences, and perspectives, recognizing that it is through our collective efforts that we create an impact.

Are you ready to achieve extraordinary things with us?


Our employees are our most valuable asset. That’s why we’ve curated a comprehensive and competitive benefits package to demonstrate our commitment to rewarding our team while prioritizing their health and well-being.


Pick from dental, vision, and health plans with FSA or HSA options.


For sick days, vacations, caring for children, personal issues, or emergencies, this time if yours to use.


You might want to retire someday. To help you get there, we provide 401K and Roth options as well as a company match.


We hope you never need it, but we provide it just in case the unexpected happens. 


We understand the demands of juggling work, family, and personal obligations which is why we offer flexible work schedules based on position. 


Our parental leave program is designed to empower parents to prioritize their family’s well-being during critical life moments like bonding with the new addition. 


We are committed to your professional development and provide continuous training, mentorship, tuition reimbursement, and advancement opportunities to support your career objectives. 


If you need a little extra assistance, our EAP is here to help with counseling, dependent care, legal advice, and much more. 

TOGETHER, we can build a BETTER tomorrow


At Raypak, we prioritize a team-oriented mindset and actively support collaboration, camaraderie, and personal growth. We don’t just encourage these values; we provide opportunities that foster out-of-the-box thinking and facilitate cross-functional team building.

At Raypak, our commitment lies in placing our people at the forefront of our endeavors. This commitment extends beyond our employees to encompass our valued customers, forging a meaningful connection between both. We actively welcome customers to engage with us by encouraging site visits, facility tours, expos, trade shows, and training at our Innovative Learning Center.

We encourage employee attendance at industry trade shows, and HR-related events such as holiday parties and employee appreciation days. We understand the importance of colleague and employee events to help keep our company cultural fun and innovative.

We empower and support employees’ interests by providing opportunities to volunteer, start a passion project or implement programs that incorporate the whole team to meet a goal. Raypak exemplifies these efforts through our employee-driven committee: Heart of Comfort. 

Employee Testimonials

Explore the reasons behind our workforce’s choice to join and remain with Raypak

  • Justin Reyes
    The potential for growth in career and as person. Not many other employers were focused on the talent development. It is great to be in an environment where we're working and growing together.
    Justin Reyes ,Marketing, Pool
  • Guadalupe Correa
    Since the first day I stepped into Raypak, it became clear to me that innovation is key. I see it everywhere; the importance of learning and growth, how we as a company are pushing boundaries every step of the way.
    Guadalupe Correa ,Sourcing - Corporate
  • Gautham	Devarakonda
    Raypak distinguishes itself from other employers I've worked for through its management's willingness to embrace new ideas and foster collaboration among employees. Everyone in the company irrespective of their role is empowered to share ideas. Innovation is not just encouraged but rewarded through recognitions and awards.
    Gautham Devarakonda ,Lead Value Engineering
  • Crystal Chase
    The team that interviewed me was professional, energetic and fun. I felt like I belonged right away. I loved the collaborative nature of the group interview and it really set the tone for how our team functions. It's refreshing to work for a company that celebrates your wins, provides feedback when needed. Your voice matters at Raypak.
    Crystal Chase ,Tech Services & Warranty