Econopak Water Heater, 260

EconoPak® Atmospheric Water Heaters Design simplicity, quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship have earned Raypak a rock-solid reputation for reliability. While others busily design cost out of their products, Raypak has continued to engineer dependability in.

Econopak Water Heater, 260


 Model Full Input in BTUH
 Flue Dia.
 WH-0260  262,000 5"

Hotel / Motel
Multi Family
Nursing Home

Exceptional Reliability
The Raypak design utilizes high velocity water flow through the heat exchanger virtually eliminating the formation of scale and corrosion found in other types of water heaters.

Service and Maintenance Ease
Maintenance and service of the Raypak water heater are made easy through the easy access to controls and heat exchangers. The water heaters were designed to reduce down time necessary to perform these tasks.

Convenience of Installation
The light weight, low mass and options in indoor or outdoor construction make the Raypak water heater the most versatile source of hot water for your laundry needs. Suitable for replacement, retrofit and new installations, Raypak is the choice.


  • With copper finned tube heat exchanger.
  • Factory mounted and wired stainless steel pump (Piping by others).
  • Super Fast Recovery - Consistent 140°F water delivery, even during peak demand times.
  • High Efficiency - Up to 82% thermal efficiency.
  • Long Service Life (Four times longer than average tank-type heaters).
  • Compact - Fits in small equipment rooms.
  • On/off firing.
  • Indoor and outdoor models available.
  • Easy start-up and low maintenance.
  • Backed by a twenty-year limited warranty.

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