Raytherm Outdoor Pool Heaters, 926-1758

Raypak's Raytherm® line of atmospheric pool heaters offers rugged construction and simple operation at low cost.

Raytherm Outdoor Pool Heaters, 926-1758


Model Number
Full Input BTUH
Bypass Options
Unitherm Governor
H-Style Bypass None (Field-Supplied) CWR
P-926 926,000 STD, no pump
Yes Yes Yes
P-1083 1,083,000 STD, no pump Yes Yes Yes
P-1178 1,178,000 STD, no pump Yes Yes Yes
P-1287 1,287,000
STD, rear pump
Yes Yes
P-1414 1,414,000
STD, front pump
Yes Yes
P-1571 1,571,000
STD, front pump Yes Yes
P-1758 1,758,000
STD, front pump Yes


  • Rugged All-Brass Headers
    Resist corrosion, and are easily removed for inspection or service. AB 1953 low-lead complaint.
  • Cupro-nickel Finned-tube
    Single bank, straight through design delivers lowest pressure drop. Integral fins have ten times the heat transfer surface of plain tubes.  Cupro-nickel tubes provide superior chemical resistance over copper for tough commercial installations.
  • On-off Operation.
  • Corrosion Resistant Steel
    Fittings are brushgalvanized against rust. Heat shields are corrosion-resistant steel. Jacket has Polytuf powder coat finish.
  • 24-Volt Controls
    Are totally enclosed for protection. Cover is easily removed for inspection and service.
  • Floating Return Header
    Immunizes heat exchanger to thermal shock.
  • Tube Sheet and “O” Ring Construction
    Eliminates the repair and maintenance problems associated with rolling tubes directly into a casting.
  • Interlocking Refractory Panels
    With sealed corners reduce radiation losses.
  • Stainless Steel Burners
    Maintain precise combustion, burn quietly and won’t clog or corrode.
  • Slide-out Burner Tray
    Allows easy inspection and service.
  • Spark-to-Pilot Ignition
    The most dependable ignition method available. 
  • Available for natural gas or propane.

Bypass Options:

  • Unitherm Governor (std on 926-1178)
    This provides a temperature-activated valve inside the header which varies flow through the heat exchanger.  No pump on the heater.  Flow comes from an external source.
  • H-Style Bypass (std on 1287-1758)
    This provides a larger manually-set bypass to bring heated water back to the inlet, raising the temp inside the heat exchanger.  For size 1287, the H-bypass is horizontal with a rear-mounted pump.  For sizes 1414-1758, the H-bypass is vertical with a front-mounted pump.
  • None (field-supplied)
    Protection provided by others and mounted in the field.
  • Cold-Water Run (CWR)
    This approach uses digital controls to vary the performance of a variable-speed pump which governs how much heated water is returned to the inlet.  Performance is adjusted in real time.




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