Professional Pool Pump, PS270VSP

The Professional Pool Pump PS270VSP is a high-performance, medium-head variable-speed pump with Adjustable screen contrast, and gives the user the ability to view motor speed and power in real time.

Professional Pool Pump, PS270VSP



THP Volts Amps
Water Connection Shipping Weights (lbs)
PS270VSP 2.70 230 10.5 2" 52


  • High-performance, medium-head variable-speed pump.

  • Self-priming pump. Motor will run for 3 minutes at 2600rpm (programmable). After priming mode is complete, pump will start at the user programmed speed.

  • Robust mechanical shaft seal allows pump to accidentally run dry for up to 1 hour.

  • Easy to program variable-speed controller complete with a built-in “real time” clock. Allows up to 3 program modes; cleaner cycle, low rpm filtration cycle, high speed or off cycle. Less than 5 minutes to program.

  • Programming will stay intact during power outage. Pump will automatically resume operation when power is restored.

  • Built-in freeze protection, runs pump at 2600rpm for 8 hours when ambient drops below 39°F (programmable).

  • View diagnostic fault codes to help with troubleshooting.

  • Controller can be remotely mounted away from pump. Uses RS485 connection.

  • Ability to view motor speed and power in real time.

  • Adjust motor speeds in 25rpm increments.

  • Adjustable screen contrast.

  • Power saver override button, runs on low speed. High speed override button for cleaning and service.

  • Limited Warranty: 2 years from date of installation. See actual warranty

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