Gas Boiler Rebates

All the information summarized below is current as of the date listed above. Many program details will remain fluid and are thus subject to change. NOTE: Text highlighted in red represent programs and/or product categories that are no longer active.
Last updated February 18, 2010

State Estimated Start Date Rebates
D&R Acct. Mgr. Allocation ENERGY STAR Tier 2 Tier 3 Beyond CEE Tiers/ Other Category Program Requires Rebate Reservation Program Requires Haul-Away Extra Rebate for Recycling Extra Rebate Program Requires Participation Agreement Internet Sales Eligible
Alabama Apr-10                    
Alaska Mar-10                    
Arizona Mar-10                    
Arkansas Mar-10                    
California Apr-10                    
Colorado Mar-10 $400         TBD TBD TBD    
Connecticut Jan-10                    
Delaware Dec-09                    
District of Columbia Apr-10                    
Florida Apr-10                    
Georgia Feb-10 $199       Yes          
Hawaii Apr-10                    
Idaho Feb-10 $200                  
Illinois Jan-10       $1,200         Yes  
Indiana Feb-10 $500         Yes   Yes    
Iowa Mar-10 $200                  
Kansas Dec-09                    
Kentucky Apr-10 $200                 Yes*
Louisiana Apr-10                    
Maine Feb-10 $200         Yes   Yes    
Maryland Mar-10                    
Massachusetts Mar-10                    
Michigan Feb-10                    
Minnesota Mar-10                    
Mississippi Apr-10                    
Missouri Apr-10                    
Montana Apr-10                    
Nebraska Apr-10                    
Nevada Apr-10                    
New Hampshire Apr-10 $500     $1,000           Yes
New Jersey Feb-10 $300           TBD     Yes
New Mexico Apr-10                    
New York Feb-10                    
North Carolina Jun-10                    
North Dakota Apr-10                    
Ohio Mar-10                    
Oklahoma Apr-10                    
Oregon Jan-10                    
Pennsylvania Apr-10 $350     $500 TBD         Yes*
Rhode Island Mar-10 $500     $1,000           Yes*
South Carolina Feb/Mar-10                    
South Dakota Mar-10                    
Tennessee Apr-10                    
Texas Apr-10                    
Utah Mar-10                    
Vermont Jan-10       $100 Yes          
Virginia Apr-10                    
Washington Apr-10                    
West Virginia Apr-10                    
Wisconsin Jan-10       $200           Yes*
Wyoming Apr-10                    
American Samoa Apr-10                    
Guam Apr-10                    
Northern Mariana Islands Mar-10                    
Puerto Rico Feb-10                    
U.S.V.I. Feb-10                    

Rhode Island is also providing $1300 rebates for combination boiler/water heater appliances. See state’s Web site for more details. Haul Away Required: State program requires the old unit to be hauled away and disposed of properly in order for consumer to receive a rebate. Recycling Required: State program requires the old unit to be recycled in order for consumer to receive a rebate. Program Requires Participation Agreement: State program requires retailer or contractor to sign participation agreement with State for purchases made through that vendor to be rebate-eligible.

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