XTherm Professional Indirect Pool Heaters 1005A-2005A

Raypak is pleased to announce our new Professional line of factory packaged indirect pool heating systems. These are factory assembled and plumbed on a prefabricated skid using our ultra-high-efficiency XTherm boilers driving a highly efficient shell and tube heat exchanger.

The standard configuration utilizes a highly corrosion resistant Cupro-Nickel exchanger with an option to upgrade to Titanium for the ultimate in corrosion resistance. The indirect heat exchanger keeps the boiler safe from corrosive pool water (low pH or high Chlorine levels) by separating the boiler water from the pool water. The system arrives completely assembled, just connect, fill and flip the switch! No onsite soldering or assembly needed. Easy to install and commission, unit comes standard with a 7” touchscreen display and Raypak’s Versa IC® control system. Full diagnostics with history and Modbus RTU BMS port. Economical to vent, unit comes standard with PVC vent connections and limit. Full electronic load tracking with 7:1 turndown. Allows easy to use cascade control of up to 8 units.

XTherm Professional Indirect Pool Heaters 1005A-2005A

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Model Number
Full Input BTUH 
Indoor Stack Dia. 
 1005A  999,000  6"
 1505A  1,500,000  8"
 2005A  1,999,000  8"


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