Delta Limited Water Heaters, 989B-2339B

The Delta Limited® series has the same basic design as the Hi Delta® product line with a reduced set of features and options to provide rock-solid heating at reduced cost. 

Delta Limited Water Heaters, 989B-2339B
Full Input in BTUH
Flue Dia.
WH3-989B  990,000 10"
WH8-1259B  1,260,000 12"
WH9-1529B  1,530,000 12"
WH9-1799B  1,800,000 14"
WH9-1999B  1,999,000 14"
WH9-2069B  2,070,000 14"
WH9-2339B  2,340,000

Available Firing Modes
WH3 2-Stage
WH8 3-Stage

  • Up to 85% efficiency
  • All models indoor/outdoor certified
  • Third-party certified under ANSI Z21.10.3
  • 105ºF minimum inlet water temperature
  • Glass-lined, cast iron headers with copper finned tube heat exchanger
  • Bronze headers and cupronickel finned tube available as an option
  • Status display lights
  • Pump-off delay, fixed at 300 seconds
  • T&P gauge
  • Flow switch
  • Manual-reset high limit, 200F max
  • Low gas pressure switch
  • Hot surface ignition with 3-try lockout
  • Outdoor trim
  • 125# PRV
  • Size 1999B is offered for natural gas only. All other available for natural gas or propane.

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