XPakFT Hydronic Boilers, 0088AR - 398A

Raypak is pleased to offer a wall mount, modulating, fire-tube heating boiler for commercial and residential. All XPakFT® models operate with extremely low NOx emissions, turndown of up to 10:1 and when mounted have virtually no installed footprint providing all the flexibility you’ve come to expect from Raypak.


Model Number
Full Input in BTUH 
Vent Dia.
XPakFT Hydronic Boilers, 0088AR - 398A

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  • 95% AFUE (96% TE - 398A).
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • ASME-certified firetube heat exchanger with National Board approval.
  • Cascade control of up to 8 units, no external sequencer required.
  • Cascade in parallel or sequential modulation modes.
  • Available for natural gas or propane.
  • Meets SCAQMD rule 1146.2 for 2012.
  • Indoor construction only.
  • Direct vent capable.
  • Acceptable cat IV vent materials: PVC/CPVC, stainless steel, Duravent® polypropylene.
  • Compatible with Building Management Systems using 0-10VDC input or Modbus RTU.
  • Optional Z-12 Condensate Neutralizer kit treats acidic condensate onsite.
  • BACnet or LonWorks interfaces available with optional external controller.

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