XVers Powered by KOR, 1007-4007

KŌR Heat Exchanger

When our team set out to design and build XVers + KŌR we made sure we listened to what our customers wanted and needed first. Then we looked at how we could raise the bar for commercial boilers, from footprint and aesthetics to functionality and ease of servicing. This meant XVers + KŌR had to be one of the smartest and most compact condensing fire tube boilers on the market.

Powered by Raypak’s new high-efficiency stainless steel KŌR fire tube heat exchanger, XVers + KŌR packs more heat into a smaller footprint. Manufactured by state-of-the-art robotic machinery with durable stainless steel, high performance and long-term reliability are at the KŌR of Raypak’s newest XVers.

Key Features

Small Footprint
XVers + KŌR is one of the most compact condensing fire tube boilers on the market and easily fits through a standard doorway.

XVers + KŌR is ENERGY STAR listed and low NOx certified.

Dynamic Protection
Built-in self-protection technology allows XVers + KŌR to continuously monitor flow conditions and optimize performance.

XVers Powered by KOR, 1007-4007

Local Savings

XVers Powered By KOR
Easy-to-handle removable jacket panels provide convenient access to key components, while XVers + KŌR’s short height provides the best top access in compact boiler rooms.

VERSA IC Controls
Modulating temperature control, safety limits, and ignition programming combined into one user-friendly integrated control platform.

Raymote Connectivity
Remotely monitor, troubleshoot, diagnose, and control XVers + KŌR with instant access to vital information.

4 Thru the Door

As the shortest condensing fire tube boiler on the market, all XVers + KŌR models easily fit through a standard doorway for convenient installation, even when lifted on a pallet jack.

Stay Connected

Stay fully connected to all your Raypak systems through a single easy-to-use platform.

  • View and manage systems at multiple sites
  • Allow multiple users access for complete visibility and control
  • Accessible at raymote.raypak.com or through the Raymote mobile app.
XVERSL Energy Star


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