Commercial Air To Water Heat Pump


Raypak Commercial Air to Water Heat Pumps use heat extracted from the air to heat water, with zero emissions, eliminating the need to choose between sustainability goals and the hot water needed to operate your business. Its super high efficiency leads to a reduced carbon footprint, minimizing your impact on the environment and positively contributing to regional decarbonization goals. 

Commercial Air To Water Heat Pump

Local Savings

Custom Support at Every Stage

Raypak offers assistance every step of the way, from sizing, to installation, to maintenance and training.

Flexible Installation Options

Reduced system footprint with stackable models. Vertical and Horizontal discharge options allow a custom fit for layouts.

Suits Wide Range of Ambient Air Temperatures

Providing outlet water temps up to 149F, the heat pump will confidently and efficiently perform in air temps down to 40°F. For even colder days, it includes an auxiliary boost mode and auto defrost. It will thrive on hotter days, rated to 113°F. Outdoor ready with high quality components and an epoxy coated evaporator coil, which provide corrosion protection and defense in coastal and non-coastal environments

Listed in CBECC Title 24 Software

Learn more about our Commercial Electric Heavy Duty Water Heater, this product is designed to work seamlessly together with our Commercial Air To Water Heat Pump in a fully electric, high-efficiency system.

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